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A.I. Brain + Industrial Vision

Centralize & Optimize Your Quality Control & Inspection Process

PHARMA | Compliance Audit, Integrity Inspection & Label Inspection

FOOD | Cosmetic Food Inspection

FOOD | Cook Inspection

FOOD | Ingredient & Content Analysis

FOOD | Barcode/UPC, Lot, EXP Date, & Seal Inspection

MACHINERY | Inspection/Failure Detection

LIQUID | Seal Inspection & Label Verification

LIQUID | Contaminant Inspection & Bottle Integrity

AI BRAIN | Ready to Grow With You

The AI Brain serves as the cornerstone of your manufacturing process, offering a scalable solution that evolves alongside your needs, keeping an eye on everything with unwavering vigilance.
  • PHARMA | Compliance Audit, Integrity Inspection & Label Inspection
    In the pharmaceutical industry, compliance, integrity, and precision are paramount. The AI Brain conducts comprehensive compliance audits, meticulously inspecting every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure adherence to regulatory standards. From vial to tube and beyond, integrity checks to label inspections, it maintains strict quality control, guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of every pharmaceutical product that leaves the facility.
  • FOOD | Cosmetic Food Inspection
    The AI-Brain's expertise extends to meticulously inspecting the cosmetic aspects of various food items, revolutionizing cut optimization and ensuring the highest standards of visual appeal and quality.
  • FOOD | Cook Inspection
    The AI Brain makes sure all baked goods are cooked just right by checking their size, color, and texture with special technology.
  • FOOD | Ingredient & Content Analysis
    From salads to snacks, the precise composition of ingredients is essential for both flavor and safety. The AI Brain conducts meticulous ingredient and content analysis, verifying the accuracy of recipes and ensuring proper distribution of ingredients. Whether it's checking for allergens or confirming nutritional information, it guarantees that every product aligns with regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.
  • FOOD | Barcode/UPC, Lot, EXP Date, & Seal Inspection
    In addition to its many other functions, AI vision systems proved one final set of eyes on all products before they are next seen by a client. The AI Brain can quickly and accurately read and interpret information from a large volume of codes, ensuring precision in data processing. Especially important in industries with strict regulations, such as healthcare and food, where accurate tracking and adherence to expiration dates are critical for compliance, this AI automated reading process is much faster than manual QA methods, and improves overall workflow and productivity.
  • MACHINERY | Inspection/Failure Detection
    In addition to overseeing product inspection, CVSS's AI-Brain extends its watchful gaze to all machinery interacting with products within the manufacturing facility. This includes blades cutting meat, conveyor belts, and other critical components. Through rigorous integrity inspections, the AI-Brain meticulously examines machinery to ensure operational integrity and prevent potential hazards.
  • LIQUID | Seal Inspection & Label Verification
    In the realm of liquid products like juices, maintaining the integrity of packaging and accuracy of labeling is paramount. The AI-Brain can detect wrinkled or missing parts of labels within (and beyond) the manufacturer's approved parameters, immediately removing them from the line for correction. This proactive approach prevents flawed labels from reaching customers, mitigating the risk of returns, lost sales, and damage to brand reputation.
  • LIQUID | Contaminant Inspection & Bottle Integrity
    From oils to beverages, maintaining purity and integrity is essential in liquid production. The AI Brain specializes in liquid inspection, conducting rigorous contaminant checks and ensuring bottle integrity to safeguard product quality.
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All of our CVSS AI Industrial Vision modules are Compact, Versatile, Safe, and Smart.

CVSS AI Industrial Vision inspection systems can perform repetitive tasks with high precision and accuracy, ensuring consistent quality in product inspection.

In addition, CVSS AI Industrial Vision reduces human Error. Our automation minimizes the risk of human error associated with manual inspection, leading to more reliable and accurate results.

AI Industrial Vision Solutions...

Quality Product Validation

Handling & Palletizing

Your partner for innovative and robust
automation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Your partner for innovative and robust automation in the pharmaceutical industry.

AI Industrial Vision Technical Specifications

  • CVSS Industrial Vision SVS01
  • Up to 300 products per minute.
  • Lean user interface, with a tutorial approach.
  • Inspection reports
  • Easy calibration
  • Remote monitoring with a web browser
  • Ejection station
  • Trends
  • FTP and PLC communication

It’s important note that our module increases Speed and Thruput. With this purpose in mind we design CVSS AIModules to have High-Speed Processing. Our systems can analyze and process large volumes of data quickly, significantly increasing the speed of inspection processes.

Unlike humans, AI systems can operate 24/7 without the need for breaks, contributing to higher throughput and productivity.

"We’ve seen an order-of-magnitude increase in performance that has allowed us to really go after this market using this CVSS AI Industrial Vision.,"

Enhance your productivity overnight.