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Process up to 20 boxes per minute in safe mode with the CVSS Palletizer.

CVSS Palletizers will work at a much faster pace than manual palletizing, leading to increased production efficiency. In addition, Automated palletizing ensures a consistent and uniform stacking pattern, reducing errors and improving overall product quality.

For the purpose of automating the palletizing process, our clients reduce the need for manual labor in repetitive and physically demanding tasks, leading to cost savings and improved workplace safety.

Increased Profitability

Versatile Machinery

Enhanced Productivity

Technical Specifications

  • CVSS Palletizer: PALV2-HC20-1480×1030-P (stock)
  • Yaskawa HC20
  • 18 kg (39,7 lb)
  • 10 cycles/min
  • Innovative interface, with tutorial approach.
  • Performance analysis IP67 robot with food-grade grease.
  • Input and rejection accumulation conveyor
  • Cash validator
  • Protective enclosure
  • Suction gripper 355mm x 355mm (13’’ x 13’’), 1 zone
  • Palette zone securing for continuous operation during palette change
  • Code reading system
  • Code printing
  • Automated palette change (AMR)
At the present time CVSS Palletizers can optimize the use of space on pallets, ensuring efficient use of storage and transportation space. This can be particularly beneficial in warehouses and during shipping. In essence CVSS Palletizers are designed to handle a variety of product sizes and shapes, providing flexibility in production lines with diverse products. CVSS Palletizers can be programmed to handle different stacking patterns and adapt to changing production needs.
AI-Enhanced Robot Automation
"Our production efficiency has increased by almost 35% with the introduction of the CVSS Palletizer. We are ready-to-ship to more clients with less downtime than ever before. "
Food & Bev Industry

Enhance your productivity overnight with the CVSS Palletizer.