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Super Packer

More Efficient, more consistent, and simply faster... from the belt to the box.

CVSS Super Packer enhances the speed and efficiency of the packaging process, leading to higher overall production throughput.

In addition it will reduced labor costs dramatically, it minimizes the need for manual labor, reducing labor costs and potential errors associated with human intervention. Simultaneously, the Super Packer can be designed to optimize the use of packaging materials, reducing waste and lowering costs.

CVSS Super Packer Increases Profitability

Versatile Machine

Enhanced Productivity

Technical Specifications

  • CVSS Super Packer Easy SP01-20-SS
  • Codian HD
  • 18 kg (39,7 lb)
  • 120 cycles/min
  • Innovative interface with tutorial approach
  • Performance analysis
  • IP69k robot
  • Input and output conveyor
  • Multi-pick hand
  • Barcode reading system
  • Reject station
  • Quality inspection
  • Vision system for product orientation
  • Code reading system
  • Interconnectivity panel

CVSS Super Packer will help you achieve consistency in packing, reducing variations in the quality of packaged products and improving overall product quality. In addition, our systems can be configured to handle various product sizes and shapes, providing flexibility in packaging different types of products.

CVSS offers seamless integration with other components of the production line can ensure a smooth and continuous manufacturing process.

CVSS Super Packer
"There is simply less waste, fewer mistakes and a more stable output [with the CVSS Super Packer]."
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Food Industry

Enhance your productivity overnight with the CVSS Super Packer.